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Finding Spiritual Formation Practices to Meet Your Own Needs

Whether we have tapped into them or not, we all have spiritual needs. LOPC’s Spiritual Formation ministry seeks to provide intentional practice opportunities for people to get in touch with a growing awareness and understanding of what God is forming in us personally, thus deepening our personal relationships with God. By offering practices, programs, and groups which assist people in finding their unique pathways to God, the Spiritual Formation ministry hopes to be a bridge that connects a transformational encounter with God to an openness to hearing and responding to God’s individual call to service.

Those who have been participating in Spiritual Formation have variously described their involvement as:

  • Providing channels to help find their own path to God
  • Getting comfortable in a relationship with God by finding their spiritual selves
  • Being regularly fed spiritually
  • Finding God in our lives through a supportive community
  • Experiencing the felt presence of God

Spiritual formation can happen in many different contexts: worship, theological reflection (wondering who God is), prayer, meditation, retreats, discernment, music, intentional listening, service, Bible study and more. As examples, here are some of the practices of our ministry and how you can learn more about them.:

Companions for the Journey*

A unique opportunity to be with fellow seekers using reflection on scripture and life, spoken word and silence to search for God’s presence and guidance in ordinary life. Companions helps us find and see God in our lives. We cannot love what we do not see. This program runs October through May. Contact Carl Grant or Robyn Dean for more information.

Women’s Spiritual Journey Groups*

The Women’s Spiritual Journey Group provides a safe place for women to seek God’s direction through book and scripture study, spiritual practices, prayer, community and individual reflection. Visitors and new members are always welcome. WSJ is growing and now meets in two groups each month. Contact Mary Lou Browning for more information.

Spiritual Direction**

Spiritual direction is a reflective process in which a trained spiritual companion walks with you to help you pay attention to God’s work in your life and your most important questions. It is the art of discovering that everyday events are often the means by which God comes to meet us! Contact Diane Grant for more information.

Guided Individual Spiritual Development

In Individual Spiritual Development participants are guided in learning through traditional spiritual practices such as prayer, scripture study, poetry and meditation. In addition, journaling as well as mindfulness practices are offered to access deeper spiritual feelings and focus your attention inward on where God may be at work in you. Contact Bob Finertie for more information.

Pathways to God

As our ministry continues to grow and evolve, we are always exploring new Pathways to God. If you are interested in developing new spiritual practices, either as the result of your previous experiences in various forms of spiritual deepening or as a relative newcomer, you are invited to join us in considering and creating additional practice and program opportunities for connecting to God. Contact Elder Pat Stevens for more information.

*Both Companions for the Journey and Women’s Spiritual Journey Groups are also listed under the GROW section of the Community Life ministry.
** Spiritual Direction is also listed under the CARE section of the Community Life ministry.