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Kids Rock is a 15-week spiritual formation and mission program for kids in Kindergarten – 4th grade. This Wednesday after-school program welcomes kids from our LOPC family as well as kids from the larger community.  Together we enjoy one another’s company, explore our faith, & cultivate the Jesus Ways of Kindness, Mercy and Justice.


The Kids Rock program is primarily set up to guide children around the values of Kindness, Justice, and Mercy. The pieces of the program work together to provide a foundation of spiritual formation and help kids see where God is moving in the community, strengthening their capacity to make our community better.

For the program year, kids are placed in 10-12 person Small Groups, with two adult Shepherds. Kids stay with these groups for all fifteen weeks, building relationships with each other as they learn how best to embody the values of Kindness, Justice, and Mercy.

Please note that while we are able to honor some friend requests, the program itself seeks to build relationships among all of the kids. We seek to place kids in groups in which they will be successful participants while we also foster positive larger group dynamics.

A Day At KiDS ROck

A typical day in Kids Rock looks like this; the order of Formation, Recreation, and Service can be mixed up depending on the group:

  • 3:15 – 3:30 p.m.Gathering: We begin our time together with a hearty snack and relaxing conversation with our friends and adult leaders. Weekly highs and lows are shared along with prayer requests and celebrations.
  • 3:30 – 4:00 p.m.Large Group Opening: During Large Group, all of the kids come together for worship and movement led by our adults & teens. We also introduce our Virtue, Bible Story, and Theme.
  • 4:05 – 4:25 p.m.Formation: The place where learning and life application meet! Formation rotation serves as a place to practice applying scriptural truths and kingdom values to our daily lives.
  • 4:30 – 5:00 p.m.Recreation/Service: At Recreation, kids get a chance to burn off energy while participating in active, cooperative-style games designed to build up the whole group. For service, this component of the program is designed to get kids involved in actively practicing Kindness, Justice, and Mercy by directly serving the community. Random Acts of Kindness are our favorite way of sharing joy.·       
  • 5:00 – End of day & Pick up.

Parent Involvement

We LOVE parent involvement in Kids Rock! We also love the participation of aunties, uncles, grandparents, and others who love kids and want to practice Kindness, Justice and Mercy. Authentic, resilient faith grows strongest in the soil of loving intergenerational relationships.


  • Shepherding Team: Shepherds travel with a consistent Small Group for the whole program year. If you want to try this out, we welcome you to commit to the first five weeks to start. Each Small Group consists of 10-12 kids led by a group of adult Shepherds, with two Shepherds working together on any one day. This gives each Shepherd the chance to pick their schedule and to work together with another person to manage their Small Group, while giving kids consistent faces from week to week.·       
  • Action Team: Lead children through a Recreation or a Service activity. If you enjoy supervising kids in a recreation-style capacity, have a hobby or activity to share or are excited about teaching kids how to do Random Acts of Kindness, apply to be a part of the Action Team.

Program Dates 2023-24

  • Fall Session: September 20 – October 18
  • Winter Session: January 10 – February 7
  • Spring Session: February 21 – March 20


Tuition for Kids Rock is $350 per child for the program year. Cost should not be an obstacle to participation in Kids Rock; please contact Pastor Jaime. Scholarships are available!


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