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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LOPC Foundation?

How large is the Foundation?

What does the Foundation do with its funds?

How is the money invested?

What’s the difference between a gift to LOPC and a gift to the Foundation?

How are Foundation funds used by LOPC?

Who serves on the Foundation Board and how are the trustees chosen?

Who are the current Trustees?

When does the Foundation know what will be available for church use?

What is the process for applying for grants from the Foundation?

What is the Foundation doing with the large bequest received by the Foundation?

What is the reserve study?

How does the Foundation portfolio grow? How do I become a Friend of the Foundation?

Who can give to the Foundation?

Why give a legacy gift to the Foundation?

What kind of gift can I make to the Foundation?

Can I designate how my gift is to be used?

Will my gift be taxed?

What is the Foundation Tax ID number?