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The mission of the Children’s Ministry at Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church is to encourage, engage and equip children, and their families, to be alive in Christ and in the world.



The mission of Youth Ministries is to support the spiritual development of LOPC’s youth, to build community, and provide ongoing support to families.

We accomplish our mission in part by providing a safe and supportive environment for youth to gather and exchange ideas, explore their faith, and practice what it means to live as a follower of Christ. Each youth program is designed to encourage and challenge youth to grow in relationship with God, as people, in active concern for others. We welcome everyone who comes with a safe place to call home.

LOPC Youth Ministries


Our goal is to serve you and you family in a way that is welcoming and inclusive of everyone and their needs to provide programs where all can grow in their faith while bringing their unique gifts and talents to the church community.

LOPC Special Needs


Seniors are welcomed in all aspects of the church, including Thursday Fellowship, Friday Forum, Rossmoor Parishes, and Noteable Choirs which each have programs especially designed for Senior Adults.

LOPC Seniors


LOPC Small Groups
Small Groups are the perfect way for you to connect with people in a similar stage of life to you, and there are groups just about anything you could imagine. Find the group best for you today!