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Feeding Preschool Age Children in Zimbabwe 

JF Kapnek special offering

Zimbabwe, home to JF Kapnek Trust, was struggling even before Covid.  This year a smaller than average harvest resulting in importing food complicated with increasing transportation costs has negatively impacted the food supply.  As is often the case, the people who suffer the most are the most vulnerable, in particular rural children.

JF Kapnek Trust’s Preschool-Child Health Program offers a breadth of services in over 150 primary schools or, approximately 200 classrooms, to preschool aged children in Zimbabwe.  This program offers training for teachers, refurbishing of schools, health check-ups (with immunizations) and a daily serving of fortified porridge.  It is this daily fortified nutritional porridge prepared and served by parents at preschools many think is the keystone of the program.

This Nutritious Serving helps the Children

  • have a nutritious meal once a day, reducing the rate of malnutrition
  • allows them to be focused on their learning; not listening to their empty stomachs
  • allows their bodies to develop normally to better fight off childhood illnesses which lead to a high rate  of child mortality
  • allows for physical health to fight off adult illnesses such as the recent pandemics that have swept through Sub-Saharan Africa

With a poor harvest, increased transportation costs, increased demand and cost for essential goods combined with the loss of a major funding source has put this essential program in dire straits. It is because of this situation, LOPC has determined that having a special offering to help purchase and deliver this vitally important fortified porridge as the focus of a special offering in September.

What happens when you give

$25 would provide the fortified porridge for one classroom for 2 weeks

$100 would supply the porridge for one classroom for 2 months.

$500 provides a year’s supply of the porridge for a classroom.

Know that whatever you give is very much appreciated and Kapnek will continue to be excellent stewards of your generous gifts.

Ways to Give – Opens on Sep. 11th

There are two ways to give:

*Be sure to select “Give one time” and then “Kapnek Trust” in the dropdown menu.

You can also write a check to LOPC with “Kapnek Trust” in the memo and place in collection box in the Narthex or the black mailbox in front of the Ministry Center.